Amy Lee

Starting at a young age, Amy has always had an interest in art. She started tattooing out of high school at the age of 18. Amy received the second highest scholarship at Kendall College of Art and Design, which she attended for two years.

Amy pursued her dream of becoming a business owner at age 23, and opened The Laughing Gremlin in Jenison, MI. Less than a year later, the shop was then moved into a bright purple building in Grandville, where she stayed for the next 16 years. Amy became sole owner in 2011, with a business name change to The Gremlin Gallery.

With many trials and tribulations, The Gremlin Gallery was moved into Jenison, MI in 2016, under the assumed name The Gremlin House.

Amy has always considered herself a fine-line tattoo artist, with an interest in illustrative style, as well as realism. The last five years Amy has focused on perfecting her cover-up style. Being able to transform old and/or badly done tattoos and sometimes even rehabilitating people from unpleasant past experiences.

Amy's Work