Where are you located?

Our Shop is located at 7813 Cottonwood Dr, Jenison MI. north of Baldwin St.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

It depends on the size, detail and placement of the tattoo. Our shop charges between $125-200 per hour. Please feel free to call or email with pricing questions. 

Do you offer gift cards?

At this time, we are only offering virtual gift cards. The link to purchase one is here.

Do you do piercings?

We do not provide piercing services, or body jewelry. 

Is there a shop minimum?

There is a shop minimum of $100.00. 

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

We can tattoo 16 and 17 year-old's with parent present, as well as a form of ID for both parent and minor, and a birth certificate. 

Are walk-ins welcome?

At this time we are appointment only. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment in the future, please click the tab labeled Tattoo Application and follow the instructions for submitting a tattoo request.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

We require a deposit to hold all appointments. The deposit goes towards the final price of your tattoo. If you are a no-show your deposit is non-refundable, and may be subject to another one if you wish to still get tattooed. We require a 48-hour notice on cancellations/reschedules to honor deposits.  Deposits range between $20-100 depending on the design/amount of time booked.

What do I do if I want to get tattooed by a specific artist?

Please specify which artist you'd like to book with when sending a request, and we can schedule you accordingly. Mary and Amy open their books quarterly, so keep an eye out on our social media for updates on their schedules.

I need to cancel an appointment.

Please call the shop to cancel/reschedule your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable if cancelled. (some exceptions)

What is the Aftercare process?

Your artist will go over aftercare with you in detail after your tattoo. However, please refer to our aftercare sheets. We do have artists that use Saniderm, which is a medical bandage, that is different aftercare than the sheet provided below.




How far out are your artists booking?

It varies by artist, but generally we are booked 3-4 weeks out at a time.

Can I bring a friend?

At this time, we are not allowing extra guests in the shop during scheduled tattoo appointments. 

Does your shop offer finger/face tattoos?

This is under artist discretion, the minimum for finger or face tattoos are $125.