Gremlin House is one of the premier tattoo studios in West Michigan and our Tattoo Artists are truly dedicated to the craft. We focus on custom, one-of-a-kind art pieces that will turn your tattoo dreams into a reality.

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is the owner/tattooer at The Gremlin House. With over 20 years experience in the body art industry. Amy specializes in cover-ups and realism.

Ben Dobias

Ben has been tattooing regularly since 2011, and joined The Gremlin House in 2016. Known for clean lines and an attention to detail, his tattoos are structurally sound and fundamentally strong.

Shamber Davis

Shamber Davis has been tattooing at The Gremlin House since 2016. She is well-known for her delicate lines, and detailed watercolor.

Mary Kasa

Mary has been tattooing at The Gremlin House since 2017 after completing an apprenticeship with Amy Lee. She is a versatile artist and enjoys working in a wide range of illustrative styles.