We have received a large amount of applications over the past few months. Because we are still not at full capacity, we will not be able to get to everyone’s applications. We have been trying our hardest to stay organized and communicative with all of our clients, but because of the amount of interest coming in, we have been fighting an uphill battle. Our receptionist is only here 3 days a week currently to assist with scheduling for our artists. Please continue to be patient with us as we make our way through contacting everyone. We are still in the process of going through applications we received in October/November. We will try our best to send a rejection email if we choose not to accept your application. Please don’t take offense to this! Our artists are overwhelmed with interest and will be choosing designs that they are interested in taking on/previous clients/ongoing projects/etc. We have closed our application page to try to catch up a bit with everything. If you have an ongoing project or need to schedule a touch-up on a piece done at our shop, we will still be able to get you on the books. Thanks you everyone for your interest, support, and patience over the past few months! We appreciate it and wish we could tattoo all of you! As always, let us know if you have any issues/questions with any of the above information.